Skateboards To Watch

Skateboards To watch out for if you want to pull off Tricks

Hi guys so basically today I will be talking about the skateboards you should avoid if you are looking for the best skateboard for beginners or best skateboard for tricks as a beginner I have electric skateboards which are not ideal for beginners. Probably some of them are, but usually electric skateboards do not work well for beginners. Other completely assembles skateboard with a nice deck, trucks and wheels are great just by the way. Although, I find the electric skateboards to be amazing and use them all the time because they are ideal for transportation But the electric skateboards, with big electric batteries, are very difficult to get off the ground so it makes it harder to ride for beginners. So if you’re, not someone who already knows how to ollie, it would be impossible to learn how to ollie.This basically means that these skateboards are also quite hard to learn skateboard tricks such as “Ollie” on too.

Okay so guys, not let us move on to the number five in the list: “gimmicky skateboards”. They make them all the time and they’re everywhere, basically. If you see anything that looks obscure and interesting sure, buy it for the fun and the gimmick of it, but it will probably be more difficult to learn actual tricks on them This one looks very, very awesome. I would absolutely get this for myself or build one skateboard like this, to be very honest with you guys.

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So I think now I am done with my list. Before we wrap up, I would just like to once again repeat some of the points which I think are absolutely necessary for beginners. Some of these skateboards are pretty amazing and serve their purpose well, but as a beginner who is looking for the best skateboard for beginners or the best skateboard for tricks, avoid these skateboards. Why, you ask? Because some of these skateboards like the electric skateboards are difficult to get off the ground and only lots and lots of practice of skateboarding can help you with it. Also, not only do these skateboards make it hard to learn skateboarding, but things like not being able to get it off the ground can make it unsafe for you! So that is it for today guys, I hope you enjoyed the reviews.