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Review of Bone Conduction Headphones 

I’ve been interested by bone conduction innovation for quite a while and constantly speculated it could be brilliant for individuals with hearing misfortune, vestibular clutters, and hearing issue like tinnitus.

Since with bone conduction sound, the vibrations of sound are transmitted through the bones of the head and face straightforwardly to the inward ear.

Presently regardless you need a working cochlea for this to work, however in the event that you have fractional hearing misfortune, it can help a considerable amount. Truth be told, items like the BAHA bone tied down amplifier are as of now utilize this innovation to help the hearing impeded.

So I needed to try it out!

A week ago, I went out and obtained the best match of bone conduction earphones I could get my hands on: the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Wireless Headphones

The User Experience:

Following a few hours of tuning in to music and podcasts, both in calm situations and keeping in mind that riding my bicycle, I can securely say it’s a one of a kind sound ordeal.

The greatest qualification here is the open ear outline. Sound is transmitted as vibration through the cheek bones straightforwardly to the inward ear, leaving your ear trenches completely open.

But then, regardless it sounds like your wearing earphones. It’s wild.

This makes for an intriguing knowledge as you’re ready to keep up situational mindfulness, which is something worth being thankful for in case you’re similar to me and you jump at the chance to tune in to music as you ride your bicycle, or on the off chance that you get a kick out of the chance to practice outside.

Another enormous contrast is that you can feel the vibrations on your cheek while you tune in. This isn’t an awful thing, truth be told, it in some cases adds to the experience, however in the meantime it’s something you need to get used to about Bone conduction headphones review

Sound quality:

Here’s the primary concern: they don’t sound in the same class as an arrangement of value earphones.

Furthermore, as a self-broadcasted audiophile, that sort of thing is essential to me. Yet, they don’t sound awful either. Truth be told, they really stable entirely great, much superior to anything I anticipated.

I haven’t attempted some other bone conduction earphones for correlation, yet in surveys over the web, the Trekz Titanium is consistently the most elite of what’s accessible for customers. Along these lines, it’s protected to say this is in regards to at least somewhat great.

There is a lot of bass, and the treble comes through for the most part clear. At higher volumes, be that as it may, it can turn out to be fairly misshaped. Despite the fact that you shouldn’t tune in at high volumes in any case. Like general earphones, it will in any case cause hearing misfortune.